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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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[cheers and applause] >> now we move on to the field of media. >> our next awardee is marisol. i do not know how many of you have heard her on sunday mornings at 8:00. she has a radio show in spanish for latino families where they talk about various subjects from child development to teenage violence to managing stress as a parent to family literacy and emergency preparedness. she is an altar. she has written several children's books as well as some teenage books in spanish. should as conferences, does lectures, and teachers throughout northern california.
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she's a big fan and participant of dia de los ninos in san francisco. we're honored to present an award to marisol tonight. and juan martine dennis from kqed is here to present this award. i have to say that when she joined dia de los ninos about nine years ago, they help to promote this event to such a degree that we have had the celebration grow over the years. it has been at delores' part the last sunday of april. we have had up to 2,000 families get free books in multiple languages. she has been the and see of it. thank you. [applause]
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our next honoree is the latino heritage art award. this will be presented by the city librarian. please join us that the's abbottabad award goes to jose leon and chiles, chiles, chiles. [cheers and applause] jose is a san francisco native, born and raised in the mission district. he has worked in the nonprofit community for almost 30 years and is well known and respected for his support of youth involvement and empowerment. he has dedicated his work to make sure toyouth are well represented in our opportunity and that they had the opportunity to experience the wealth and richness of music and the arts. congratulations, and thank you for all your work in the mission district. [applause] >> you know, i would just like
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to say something peter i am very honored. thank you very much. but i have to think the parents. all the wonderful parents better here and all the wonderful students that i have worked with. so please give them a round of applause. thank you. [applause] >> we will be lucky enough to hear jose at the end of our program tonight. it is important to recognize dianna and also one of our sponsors deny, wells fargo, who is presenting with us in san francisco later on tonight at a beautiful reception we can all enjoy. so please give a warm round of applause for wells fargo and our other sponsors. [applause] i will bring up maggie later on tonight. i also want to recognize
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supervisor wiener. thank you for being here and joining our community this evening. [applause] the next awards tonight is a very special one to talk about, because it is all about community to that is pretty much what we are about here tonight at city hall. to present this next award is dr. estella garcia, who was recognized with this award last year. [applause] thank you for joining us tonight. tonight we're recognizing the community service award of 2011, eva reale. born and raised in hanford, california. she attended san francisco state university in 1971. she became a student teacher and has fought for at the studies while earning degrees in economics, a process that is, and social work. getting her degree, she met her
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husband. they have raised four children in the mission. in the 1980's, eva and other mission community activists to join together for the san francisco voter education and registration project. she'd been organized the great boycott committee. she served as regional manager and a spokesperson of that organization until 2002. in 1988, the ufw co-founder was brutally beaten here in san francisco by a police officer. as a leader, -- there is a happy ending to this story. after a three-year effort, she worked diligently with the college and to ensure justice for delores and to ensure there was a change in the san francisco police department policies regarding police reaction to legal social protests. in 1994, she organized the cesar chavez street coalition. to change the name of army street to cesar chavez street.
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she led a campaign to keep cesar chavez street in 1995. she serves and purposes of organizing and producing the and all cesar chavez quality breakfast and said that the parade and festival. you have done so much. thank you for being here tonight. and congratulations. [applause] >> one of the reasons i am up here tonight is because i have been inspired by people like you, eva, and a special person in my life as part of that movement is a presenter tonight that that is my father, senator torres, who will be presenting the next award. [applause] which will be our health and medicine award. i would be remiss, as i was last year, if i did not recognize my other father, gonzalo
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escondero, and i gorges, a beautiful sister, danielle torres. [applause] >> the next awardee is at gladys sandlin from the mission neighborhood health center. gladys was social service director in it -- and a public- relations quarter neighborhood -- coordinator for the neighborhood center. she would got an award for mayor dianne feinstein. during 1980, she worked with the prenatal health project at the university of california in san francisco at general hospital. from 1974 to 1937, she was a program coordinator for the educational unit of the american cancer society of san francisco in at the mission district. she is an advocate for the health care and rights of latinos, locally and nationally. through her participation,
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numerous health organization, she ensures that the particular health and socio-economic officials of that in the spanish-speaking population are understood and that resources are lat -- allocated to the latino community. thank you for all your work on behalf of our community. [applause] >> i am sorry. buenos tardes. [speaking spanish] thank you. >> it is a great honor for her to be presented this award by senator torres because of all the work they did statewide for the help of latinos in california. >> our next and final award tonight is for the field of education in the but tonight
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we're honored to honor our superintendent of the san francisco unified school district, carlos garcia. [applause] we're going to pause for a moment, because our selected designee to seek -- to receive the award on his behalf will be joining us shortly because another event is happening next door. so i would like to invite of ms. maggie for wells fargo. she can say a couple words on behalf of wells fargo, and we will like to thank her. thank you, maggie. [applause] >> thank you. good evening. i am so proud of presenting wells fargo and the 25,000 team members who live and work in the
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san francisco bay area here tonight with you. first of all, let me say salute to the council with generals, supervisors, district attorney, and treasurer. they're all here in the room tonight for this special event. i also want to extend my congratulations to all the awardees here tonight. your story is inspiring. your work in the community is excellent. it is really important for the community, so thank you so much for your great work. tonight, on behalf of wells fargo, we want to celebrate hispanic heritage month. this is not the only event we sponsor throughout the year. just for this month, with wells fargo, you probably get a lot of invitations going to hispanic heritage month or the mariachi festival in san jose.
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coming up, another event. when macy, mario will hate me if i do not say it correctly. it is the la katrina benefit for the maximum -- mexican and use them, and it is coming up on october 29. we do not only celebrate in this month. we celebrate throughout the year. why we're doing this, one of the reasons that we support events like this is very simple. we know that stronger community makes us successful. as a company as well. showcasing our expense celebrating culture is also important to the soul and important to bridge the gaps of understanding between all of us. that makes starter community. we also care about the community because wells fargo as a lot of team members here tonight. they also live and work and
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raise our families in the same local communities. the wells fargo team members, can you raise your hands. great, they are around the room here. [applause] because they also work and live and raise their family here. that is why it is important for us to support the community. the local approach has guided wells fargo and lot of ways for how we do our business. wells fargo is the number one public giver among all the financial services company in the bay area. i think a lot of our friends are here. a lot of my friends are here to you can feel this, and i know. for this year, we also are making milestones in many different ways. we contributed last year almost $21 million. $20.7 million to the local non- profit organizations. but more impressively is our team members volunteered 90,000 hours of volunteer hours in
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support of nonprofit organizations. sitting on the boards, volunteering a different events, and raising funds to help the community. i want you to know that we're very committed to the hispanic community. also very committed to all the communities, so that we can be a better community in this environment. i also want to give a special thanks to mr. corona, issue is based here in san francisco, for allowing us to be part of this event. [applause] promoting the arts of the latinas. thank you so much. the event is going to be in that court later on. we look forward to seeing you at the reception. i would like to thank our mayor, eduardo lee, which i changed his
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name to, for letting us join him tonight, hosting this event so we can celebrate together. i look forward to seeing you at the reception. and congratulations once again to all the awardees. thank you. [applause] >> well, thank you very much, maggie. it seems as though the person who would be accepting the award on superintendent garcia's behalf will not be able to join us. but the presenter is someone who i thought was a very important to pass that a war on it too. i would like to say a few words. he created a program. it is our treasurer. [applause] >> hello, yes was so honored to be here and to join you in giving this incredible award to superintendent carlos garcia. i have had the honor to work with him to launch an exciting program called kindergarten to college, which opens up
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automatically for every child entering the san francisco public schools at kindergarten a college savings account. it puts an initial deposit in for each and every one of those children. it is funded by the city. it is administered by the treasurer's office, and it is in a strong partnership with the school district. the reason we're doing this is that studies show that if a child grows up with a college savings account in the child's name, that child is seven times more likely to go to college than a child without a similar account. we want to bring that kind of success to every child here in san francisco. thank you to you all and to the san francisco public schools. [applause] >> and we will be certain that carlos receive his award. there's a special gift that all of us presented with the department of the environment. the bags the honorees will receive. i want to thank the leadership
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of supervisor john avalos and supervisor campos. [applause] john, you can stand. to make sure that we had certificates of honor from the board of supervisors signed by each and every member for each of our honorees tonight. i wanted to thank the minority leader, nancy pelosi, for sending someone to bring us her awards but the assembly member who also provided it certificates of recognition. and the senator who joined us tonight. thank you again to wells fargo, to you, maggie, to you, carlos. we're so much looking forward to enjoying the entertainment and the culture that you brought with us to city hall tonight. without further ado, we will begin presenting next door. in addition to that, i wanted to make sure we recognize our other sponsors that are so important for us tonight. an issue to wells fargo and
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others, want to recognize at&t, pg&e, bullhook bank usa, and a special thank you to ms. ann cervantes, who helped design the beautiful program. thank you for helping to design that. [applause] she really puts a lot in to make this happen for us. we invite you to try the food next door, served by check moon -- chuck moon, along with the florida street cafe. thank you for bringing us commission language vocational schools and florida street cafe to provide some of our beverages for the evening. we wanted to make sure that we had some libations tonight for all of you that representatives of the latino community. you can try them tonight. the bodega winery and others, all who wanted to be here
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tonight to help reflect our diversity that we can enjoy. >> please join us in the court over there. muchas gracias. buenos noches. >> thank you, everyone. >> proposition a would authorize the san francisco unified school district to issue bonds to repair and upgrade more than 50 school facilities.
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property taxes could be increased if needed to pay the principal and interest on these bonds. the bond funds would be used to repair and replace major building systems including electrical, heating wat, water, security, and fire sprinklers. remove hazardous materials. improve accessibility for people with disabilities. make necessary seismic upgrades. replace permanent structures and perform other work necessary to apply closure -- codes and regulation . they can't pay for teachers and administrative salaries or operative expenditures.
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>> hi, my name is melissa griffen. and a member of the league of women voters of san francisco. >> proposition b authoress the
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city to authorized to hundred $48 million in bonds to improved street structures such as bridges. this would come with an increasing property tax, if needed, to pay for those improvements. the city is responsible for maintaining about 850 miles of streets. a study shows about half of the streets any major repairs. the city can only use this bond money to pay for and repairs city streets. it will improve lighting, sidewalk extensions, trees, and landscaping. renovation programs to increase safety, and add this traffic
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signals to improve muni service. the mayor and the board of supervisors have to approve the final project. this measure requires the approval of two-thirds. is the right here with supervisors got leaner -- supervisor scott wiener. why should we vote for proposition b? supervisor wiener: this is a bond that will address some of our basic and critical infrastructure needs it. we've seen this across the country for the last few decades a bank it will help with quality of life. it will help put people back to work. it addresses the infrastructure
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funds for our roads. to resurface our roads. basic maintenance. it also provide significant funding for work on our city bridges and overpasses and other infrastructure that is deteriorating and needs capital work, and also provides for eda acceptability. >> opponents of this measure have argued that these bonds should not be used for what they perceive as ongoing maintenance of our streets. -- what they perceive as ongoing maintenance of our streets. how do you respond to those accusations? supervisor wiener: we should have been doing a better job the last 30 years maintaining our
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streets. i will not argue that. the fact is, we are where we are today. we have almost $500 million. the capitol assets like the park, like the bay bridge, muni. is appropriate to use bond funds -- it is a prepared to use bond funds to do capital infrastructure work. this is not for filling the random pothole. this is for capital work. road resurfacing, road reconstruction, not basic operating. >> in the past years, voters have not been receptive to the idea of the streets fund or when they are proposed on the balance. the measure needs two-thirds of the voters to pass. what makes you think this is the year voters will go with that?
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>> a strong majority of voters do support having the capital work. our polling has been strong this year. six years ago, we got the 66% of the boat would no campaign whatsoever supporting or explaining at. this year, we're trying to really educate the voters. we think we have a chance of getting 2 2/3. 2/3 is a high threshold even though this is a popular kind of bond. we feel good we will have a shot of getting their. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next up, we will discuss proposition b with upon the.
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>> i am here with judy berkowtiz, an opponent of proposition b. do you oppose this? >> san francisco neighborhoods voted to oppose prop b because we've already paid for these street repairs. payment has been in the form of property taxes and other taxes. we do not feel we should pay for them the second time. or in this case, a first time, because the board of supervisors had already passed two ordinances at the board, the law pieces of legislation that pay for exactly the street repairs.
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one was $40 million. another was $42 million in the past couple of years. not only that, but this is a general obligation bond. general obligation bonds are supposed to be a one-time fix. this is not a one-time fix. this is maintenance. >> proponents argue that regardless of where the funding comes from, if we do not fix our streets now, the cost to implement these fixes will go up exponentially in the next, say, 10 years. how do you respond to that assertion? >> the streets of san francisco are terrible. they are the worst i have ever driven on. i am sure the department transportation agrees. i do not know it because will rise -- if the costs will rise in the next 10 years. i think it is important we do fix this ries. the money that has been
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allocated should do so. this has been taken in the form of, as i said, our property taxes. >> if this does not pass, how do you suggest we go about finding street repairs and other kinds of repairs that are being funded by proposition b? what would you like to see cuts? >> there are less people working for city government now than there were 20 years ago. however, salaries are several times higher than they were. we could cut out a lot of the managers. department managers. if they were released and more park and rack -- rec playground managers were hired, then we would have some money we could
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spread around. however, again, it the money -- if our property taxes and our rent pass-throughs are used for what they're supposed to be used for, then we would have the money. >> thank you very much. for more information about this or other ballot measures, please visit the web site of the san francisco league of women voters at remember early voting is available as city hall. if you do not vote early, both >> i am a lawless said griffin. i cover san francisco city politics and the league of women voters. i am here to discuss a


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